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Aleksei Kalinichenko

Aleksei Kalinichenko Russian patent attorney, mining engineer, Intellectual property lawyer

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My name is Aleksei Kalinichenko, I'm a Russian Patent Attorney, registration number 1523 in Rospatent (Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property). The main field of interests and specialization are inventions and utility models.


1) graduated the Perm State Technical University as mining engineer in the field of industrial processes electrification and automation (specialist);

2) graduated the Perm State University as Economist (specialist);

3) graduated the Diplomatic Academy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation as Lawyer in the field of Private International Law (master).

I've started my professional life as engineer. 2008 upwards I had been worked as patent examiner in one of the largest Russian IP law firms. 

My duties were to consult foreign inventors and applicants on the patent protection in Russia and to help them on the stage of substantive
examination in the RU Patent Office. Since 2010 till 2012 I had been worked as the head of the Intellectual Property and Industrial Security department in the Perm Centre of scientific and technological information. Now I work as independent patent attorney primarly in Moscow and other regions of Russia. Private persons and large international companies are among my clients.

My field of work includes councelling on the issues regarding to trademarks, patents (inventions, utility models and designs) in Russia and other states, copyright (namely computer programms and databases), assistance in drafting application and prosecution, forensic investigation and managing intellectual property. Also I hold lectures and workshops on the IP and trademark protection issues.

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Phone: +7 985 177 44 89

Skype: jlekc_nd

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